Prom Info

HAHS Juniors and Seniors:

Tickets will be sold before school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday April 14-16 and also Tuesday and Wednesday April 20th and 21st. These tickets can be purchased outside of the high school office each morning between 7:50-8:15. Tickets will be $10 and students will be required to sign the prom/dance rules sheet before they can purchase a ticket. Tickets are for individuals only and can only be purchased by students that are of current junior or senior status. No outside dates or underclassmen are allowed at prom due to Covid guidelines.

Remote students can purchase tickets at 3:00-3:30 on Thursday, April 15th and Wednesday, April 21st. Outside the high school office.  

After a ticket has been purchased, each student will then vote for Prom King/Queen.

When students buy their prom ticket, they will pick which sector they will be in during prom.  There will be no switching of sectors once they are picked, so choose wisely!


  1. Students must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth. This will be strongly enforced!

  2. All students will be checked in and screened at the door.  They will then be directed to their sector.

  3. Students must stay in their designated colored area unless they are using the bathroom/picture room.

  4. There will be a picture room on the stage.   Mrs. Gonzalez will take care of the students and control the number of students. Masks must be worn inside.  

  5. No congregating inside bathrooms. Chaperones will supervise the bathroom hallway.

  6. Drinks and snacks will be provided in each sector, if you are needing something, let one of the chaperones know.

  7. No blue jeans or holes in the pants are allowed, this is a formal dance.

  8. Leave prom decorations where they are placed. They are there for a reason!

  9. Request songs by filling out a slip of paper.

  10. Students must arrive by 9:30 pm.

  11. If you are on court and would like to invite two spectators, please see Mr. Root for tickets by Wednesday April 21st.  Without tickets they can not get into prom.