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Mr. Walder

Mr. Walder, 14 days ago

#John Greer - Having your child to school on time is the best thing you can do for them during IAR Testing. Our test dates are: April 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14. Mark your calendars!

Mrs. Ziegler

Mrs. Ziegler, 21 days ago

Mrs. Gress and Mrs. Anderson testing themselves on the Sit and Reach today. We love to see the teachers try out the different Fitness Tests! see pic

Mrs. Gooding

Mrs. Gooding, 25 days ago

4th grade began their engineering design unit in Science! The first project is designing, creating, and testing paper airplanes! see pic

Mrs. Mandel

Mrs. Mandel, about 1 month ago

Concert Band students are working on their final preparations for their Grandparents Day recording session. Also, as we celebrate Music in Our Schools Month, please feel free to share how music has impacted you! see pic