Remote Learning

HAHS Students:

While we are remote learning, we will be taking attendance through our first hour classes. All students who were normally in-person will need to access your first-hour google classroom and answer the attendance question for this week. This will count for your attendance for the whole week. You will do this again at the beginning of next week to count for our days of remote learning next week.  Students who were fully remote learners prior to this week will continue to use their normal remote learning google classroom as they have done in the past for attendance. Again, it is very important that students answer this question each week that we are remote learning as it will count as your attendance for each week until we return to in-person learning. As a reminder to all our students, while we are on remote learning, the work that is assigned does count and will affect your grades. So please make sure that you are checking your Google Classrooms and your school email daily for work and information. It is also important to know that even though we are remote learning, students still have the opportunity to make appointments with their teachers for help. Students can still set up appointments with their teachers to come into school and work one on one with them. We will be open from 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:30 each day for students to make appointments. Students can also set up virtual meetings with their teachers at any time with Google Meets or they can set up phone conferences as well.