Construction Update

Good Afternoon Hoopeston Families,

The new school year is upon us, and we have had a successful back to school week. Construction continues on our cafeteria expansion. Brick veneer is being placed on the North exterior wall of the cafeteria and around  the new doors. 

 Once the brick layers have completed the brickwork, new sidewalks and a repair to the parking lot will take place. The repair location is directly north of the cafeteria and will allow for proper parking lot drainage. During the repair period, this area will be partially open in after-school hours, for after-school activities.

  Steel for the roof and trim is scheduled to arrive the third week in September. The roof should take 7-10 days to complete once the supplies have arrived. The contractors are dealing with shipping delays, as a result the exterior doors and windows are scheduled to arrive the second week in October. 

 The inside of the cafeteria is taking shape. The walls have been painted, and the final coat will be applied once the windows and the ceiling grid are installed. Trunk lines for the HVAC have been installed in the cafeteria. Air handling units are delayed from the factory, but are scheduled to arrive mid to late September. Once they have been delivered, the new air handling units will replace the current units, which have been left in place in the middle school to manage air conditioning needs in the interim.

 Electricians are installing exterior lighting and will install interior lights once the ceiling grid is installed. The new cafeteria tables were delivered on September 8th, and will be in use once the cafeteria expansion is operational. Thanks for your patience as we navigate this much-anticipated improvement for our district. The enclosed photos show the progress to date. 

 The intown bus service has been running since day one of school. We have notified families of changes and made adjustments to best serve our students & families. We are transporting approximately 80-90 students in the mornings and 120-130 in the evenings with two buses. We are working on a backup plan to address increased riders once colder weather arrives. Thank you to all of you for working through the aches of providing in town bus service. The district is providing a great service to our community.

IMG-4071 (1).jpg
#1 Looking north from the east entrance of the cafeteria.

IMG-4072 (1).jpg

#2 Looking to the west from the east entrance.

IMG-4073 (1).jpg
#3 Photo taken from the northwest corner looking back to the east.