Hello Hoopeston Area Families,

The construction on the cafeteria addition is continuing. Weather and construction complications have added some challenges, however we are hoping to have the new space available to students sometime in the first semester of the 22/23 school year. Once completed, the cafeteria addition will add an additional 4100 sq. ft. of dining space. This additional space will allow for the Middle School and High School to run lunches simultaneously and expedite the lunch service. Students will no longer begin eating lunch as early as 10:35am. The Middle and High School will be able to mirror their schedules to allow greater continuity in shared staff. 

The asbestos abatement project phases 2 through 5 will begin on June 6. The abatement project must be completed to allow contractors to access above the ceilings to install ductwork for new air handling units to be installed on the roof to provide fresh air, heat, and air conditioning to the offices and classrooms in Hoopeston Area Middle School. The abatement project is scheduled to run June 6 through June 30. The mechanical contractors will begin in the office area as that area was abated over Christmas break to expedite the construction this summer. The contractors will follow the abatement crew through this project. Once an area has been abated and IDPH provides the go-ahead with clean air samples, the contractors will begin their required work within that location. The project will require most of the summer to complete, but the multiple steps are necessary to address the aging air handlers currently on the roof at Hoopeston Area Middle School.

We are required by law to have egress exits at both ends of the gymnasium, and with the construction, that is not possible. Therefore, due to the abatement and construction work taking place within the Middle School, the gymnasium in Hoopeston Area Middle School will be closed to student athletic practices this summer. Our building and Grounds crew will remove all of the contents from each classroom within the Middle School to allow the contractors to complete their work. The contents will be stored on protective mats placed on the Middle School gym floor. Our Athletic Director is working with coaches to schedule for the use of alternative gyms within the district. Our student athletes will have opportunities to practice and condition in the gymnasiums at Maple, John Greer and the High School. I will be sending out construction updates throughout the summer. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter as we are working to improve our facilities to better serve our students, staff, and Hoopeston Area families and guests.