AR & ALEKS Rewards

HAMS Families,

Below is the list of leveled prizes students will receive for their work in the AR and ALEKS programs this year.  Prizes will be placed in students' Honors Envelopes, which will be distributed on May 26th and 27th during our curbside pick up.  (More information about curbside pick up will be shared soon.)  Please note, the cut off for work within these two programs is May 15th.  Thank you for your continuous support of education.  Have a wonderful week.  Stay healthy!

AR Prizes

10 book club → ice cream from McDonalds

20 book club → cheeseburger from McDonalds

30 book club → $10 Amazon gift card

40 book club → $25 Barnes and Noble gift card

ALEKS Prizes

Club 1 → small treat & certificate 

Club 2 → ice cream from McDonalds

Club 3 → cheeseburger from McDonalds

Club 4 → $10 Amazon gift card

Course Completed → $25 Amazon gift card