Student of the Month



One of the hardest challenges for middle school students is leadership. At Hoopeston Area Middle School, we believe that everyone who wishes to become a leader should have a chance to be one. To offer this to more students, we have adopted an open concept with regards to membership in our Student Council. We offer many activities and membership to all students.

H.A.M.S. Student Council meets every other Tuesday evening in the Fall and Winter and every other Wednesday in the Spring from 3:30-5:00 p.m. We encourage any individual that is involved in sports as well as Student Council to at least attend the business portion of our meetings from 3:30-4pm, especially on game days.

Student Council is an active member in the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils and belong to the Mideast District. They are very proud that they have gotten the distinguished award of "Honor Council" for the past 20+ years.