Hoopeston Area Middle School

Return to Learn Plan


This plan was created by a committee of teachers, administrators, and HEA.  To assist in the creation of the plan, the committee:

  • reviewed the ISBE/IDPH Transition Joint Guidance

  • surveyed parents and staff

  • consulted with legal counsel and the district insurance carrier

The committee strived to balance the need to provide for the overall health of students and staff, viewing health as just not physical health but also academic health, mental health, social health, and emotional health.

Student Attendance Options:

  • In-person attendance 

  • Remote learning

At the conclusion of the first quarter, students will have a one time opportunity to opt in to or out of remote learning.

Social Distancing:

The ISBE and IDPH recommend a minimum six feet of social distancing to the greatest extent possible within schools. Within many of our district classrooms, six feet of social distancing will not be a practical consideration; therefore, many students will not be able to social distance throughout their days.

Cleaning Protocols:

Cleaning protocols are being established at the District level and should include daily sanitization of student desks/tables, student seats, stair railings, door handles, work surfaces, etc…  HAMS will have quantities of masks, wipes, and gloves, among other items.  Adults will perform most sanitization.

Face Coverings:

  • All persons in the school building are required to wear a mask unless they have a medical exemption. (If a medical exemption is given, those students would be required to wear a face shield instead.)

  • Students MUST wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose at all times. 

    • Exceptions:

      • At breakfast or lunch when eating

      • Outdoors when able to maintain proper social distancing (defined as at least 6 feet apart from others)

      • While playing a musical instrument that requires breath

    • Face coverings include:

      • Face Masks

      • Neck Gaiters (worn around the mouth and nose)

  • Parents are encouraged to provide face coverings for their students. The district will have face coverings available should a student need one. 

  • Refusal to wear a mask will result in the student being sent home for non-compliance with health requirements.  Students who are sent home are still accountable for their work for the day and need to continue their day remotely.  The student may return at any time they comply with the mask requirement. The second time a student refuses to wear a mask, they will be switched to remote learning for the remainder of the semester.

    • "As required by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education, all individuals present at or seeking entrance to any school building shall be required to wear a face covering.  All individuals in the building shall wear face coverings at all times within the buildings, and no person shall be permitted entry without a face covering.  Persons desiring entry at the school building or school bus who do not possess or refuse a face covering will be denied entry." 

ISBE and IDPH health and safety guidelines are embedded throughout the following school procedures:

Upon Arrival and Entering the School:

  • If your student is a bus rider, please see the transportation information for screening and temperature check information provided by the district.

  • Students will be directed to enter through the doors to the west of the office entrance.

  • If your student is not a bus rider, the student will be asked a series of three questions and given a temperature check upon entering the building.

    • Students will be socially distanced as much as possible.

    • Students will sanitize or wash their hands

  • Breakfast items will be available for pick-up at designated locations

    • Breakfast will only be served until 8:15 am

    • Students will wait to eat until they get to their Homeroom

  • Students can access their lockers and then are to report immediately to their Homeroom (which is the same as their first period class). 

    • The “Keep it Moving Policy” will be enforced in the hallways at all times.


  • Every student will be assigned a locker

  • Book bags can NOT be carried to classrooms and must be stored in their locker.

  • Students will have access to their lockers upon arrival and at dismissal.


  • Lunch will be a Grab and Go system

  • Sack lunch will be made available to students as they exit the building


  • Students will be socially distanced as much as possible

  • Students will wash and sanitize their hands after leaving the restroom 

  • Staff will monitor the restrooms during passing periods

In the Classroom: 

  • Students will be socially distanced as much as possible

    • Seating charts will be utilized

    • Movement within the classroom will be limited as much as possible

  • Sanitization procedures will be followed in each classroom

  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own materials to school, as sharing of materials will be extremely limited

  • No food in the classroom, (the exception being school-supplied breakfast)

  • Only water in a clear and see-through container is allowed in classrooms

  • Some classes/subjects have unique procedures and guidelines that will be followed. That information will be shared by the individual teacher.

Passing Periods:  

  • Hallways will be marked to indicate traffic flow patterns in order to socially distance students as much as possible.

  • The “Keep it Moving Policy” will be enforced in the hallways at all times.

  • As a reminder, masks must still be worn in the hallways and during passing periods.

  • Keep in mind that locker access is limited, reference the locker section above.  

End of the Day:

  • At dismissal, students will grab their lunch from designated locations and exit the building  

  • Students will be dismissed according to the following schedule:

    • Bus riders will be dismissed at 12:16

    • Non-bus riders will be dismissed at 12:20

  • Students who need to ride a bus will get their lunch and meet in the STEM Lab or the cafeteria. 

  • The District will establish an after school program to support students who wish to stay until 4:00. Details about this program will be sent out at a later date.

Cleaning and Sanitization

  • Cleaning protocols are being established at the District level and should include sanitization of student desks/tables, student seats, door handles, work surfaces, etc. between every class period.

Daily Remote Learning 

  • Students are expected to complete a minimum of 78 minutes of remote learning that may consist of:

    • Homework completion

    • Reviewing instructional materials

    • Project completion

    • Preparing for assessments

  • This remote learning expectation will allow us to fulfill the minimum requirements of a school day set forth by ISBE.

Remote Learning

  • Please reference the District Remote Learning Plan for guidelines and expectations

  • For those that choose 100% remote learning, there will be a remote learning orientation on Thursday, August 20th from 1:30-5:00 PM at the Middle School.  During this time remote learners may come to pick up their chromebooks and informational materials.  Paperwork will need to be completed, so parents should plan to attend. 

    • Video tutorials will be made available to families to aid in navigating remote learning.

    • If you prefer a face to face meeting with a teacher to set up remote learning, please call the Middle School office.  Fifteen minute appointments are available on August 20th from 1:30-4:45 PM.

  • If a student has set an appointment, after in person instruction hours or on Wednesday, to meet with a teacher at the school, the following procedures will be followed:

    • Students need to arrange with the teacher(s) an appointment time for Wednesday

    • When a student arrives at school they will need to report to the Main Office for a temperature check and to answer the series of three questions. 

    • Students will then report directly to the teacher they have an appointment with

    • Students may bring no more than 1 adult with them to the appointment

    • Parents/Guardians who have brought the student to the school should wait for a few minutes to ensure the student clears the temperature and wellness check

    • Once the student has completed their appointment(s) they are are to leave the building immediately

  • Beginning after Labor Day, HAMS teachers will periodically be stationed in Hoopeston and the surrounding communities for one hour every Wednesday.  During this time, we will be offering homework help for students without transportation to school.  More information about this service will be shared via Dojo once school begins.


  • No one will be allowed into the building without an appointment 

  • If you need to drop something off for your child or are picking up your child early, please call the office (217-283-6664).  Someone will come out to get the materials you need to drop off, or we will send your child out to you.