HAHS Faculty and Staff



Campbell, Marc

Office Staff

Crouch, Heidi- Secretary

Gregory, Jacki- District Librarian

Johnson, Carlee- Social Worker

Johnson, Mary- Student Support Services Coordinator

Kearney, Michl- Athletic Director

Linares, Amy- Community Liasion

Stebbins, LeAnne- Secretary

White, Michelle- Student Support Services Coordinator 



Burke, Jessica- English 2

Gondzur, Ashley- English 3

Roberts, Lauren- English 1

Swank, Dylan- English 4


fine arts

Brooks, Patrick- Instrumental Music

Morgeson, Rochelle- Vocals

Rayfield, Natalie- Art

foreign language

Kachmar, Michele- Spanish


Colston, Matt- Geography and World History

Sage, Thomas- Behavior Science/Gov't

Zorns, Eric- US History    


Brewer, Glenn- Math

Handy, April- Math

High, Daphne- Algebra I, Tech Math I & II

Konieczki, Nancy-  Geometry and Algebra II

physical education, health, drivers education

Boyer, Suzanne- High School Health   Class Website

Bryll, Ross- Drivers Education

 Daulton, Kristina- Girls Physical Education

Jones, Brad- Boys PE/Health

Kearney, Michl- Boys Physical Education/ AD


Elliott, Adam- General Science

Moraska, Jared- Chemistry & Physics 

 Snow, Justin-  Biology

special education


Brown, Gretchen- Special Education Teacher

McKelvey, Kelley- Special Education Teacher

Pratt, Stephanie- Special Education Teacher

Schoonover, Mary-  Special Education Coordinator    


Ankenbrand, Kelly- Business

 McCray, Emily- Agriculture

Root, Kevin- Business

 Swartzentruber, Shawn-  Industrial Technology

  Walsh, Tim- Media

support staff