Wayne Bandy

After graduating from SIU, Coach Bandy began teaching and coaching at H.A. in 1973. He taught for 32 years and retired from teaching in 2005. While at H.A. he coached girls varsity softball and was the J.V. Baseball coach for several years. He also coached basketball for 36 years as the 7th grade coach, freshman coach and the J.V. coach. He coached under Ed Byrd, Randy Feller, Pete Sollars and Kevin Root.

Coach Bandy finally hung up his whistle four years after retiring from teaching. He compiled 512 victories as a basketball coach. (and is fondly referred to as the coach with the most “wins” and (“most losses”) in Cornjerker history.

He continues to work as a substitute teacher and enjoys supporting Cornjerker athletics. He looks forward to helping grandson Augie and Granddaughter, Lola enjoy the love of sports and competition.