1:1 Teaching and Learning Environments at Hoopeston Area Schools

In 2014-15, John Greer Grade School piloted a 1:1 teaching and learning environment in four classrooms. The pilot was a huge success. In 2015-16 all students in grades 3-8 have Chromebooks and learn in a 1:1 environment. By 2016-17 all students in grades 1-12 will have devices that support 1:1 teaching and learning in the classroom. 

Hoopeston Area School District has made the commitment to issue each student with a district-owned Chromebook or other device to use while they are enrolled in the district. Students are responsible for the care and maintenance of their devices during the school day. If a student damages his/her device, the student will be responsible for the cost to repair the device, but a loaner will be issued to the student while his/her assigned device is being fixed.

1:1 Rationale
  • The nature of information and knowledge is changing.
  • Students learn differently today.
  • Education has to become more than just standardized tests.
  • We live in a digital age, dominated by information that sees technological advancements. happening at an exponential rate.
  • We must prepare students for their futures, not our pasts.
  • All the time easy access to technology – “everywhere learning”
  • True student and teacher ownership = strong sense of responsibility and desire for continuous professional development and excitement for technology integration
  • Increased critical thinking opportunities
  • Valuable instructional and assessment tool for teachers and students
  • Opportunities for online textbooks and up-to-date access to information
  • Increased student-centered learning
  • Enhanced student and teacher collaboration
  • Increased student engagement, accountability, and creativity
  • Reduced printing costs, paper usage, photocopying, and textbook purchases
  • Increased opportunities for interdisciplinary learning
  • Increased opportunities to differentiate instruction
What is a Chromebook?
Attributes of a Chromebook:
  • 8 second startup time
  • 8-10 hour battery life
  • Less maintenance
  • Resistant to viruses
  • Automatic updates
  • Easier Management
  • Support from Google
  • Lower cost of ownership than traditional laptops